Is the Service-Aware CMDB Dead?

The CMDB is supposed to be the central repository of information regarding the services that the IT organization provides and the associated CIs that comprise/support the services. Despite its importance, only about 1% of the services in large IT organizations are modeled and populated into a CMDB. This undermines the original value of implementing a CMDB. In this webinar we cover the following important topics:

  • Why do so many Service-Aware CMDB initiatives fail? This would include a discussion on the processes, teams and tools you need to have in place to build and maintain a Service-Aware CMDB.
  • The technological challenges that new dynamic environments pose to a CMDB implementation.
  • How to build effective service configuration models that deliver the value promised by the CMDB, including discussions on following topics:
    • How to discover and maintain Configuration Item (CI) relationships while minimizing manual effort.
    • How to exploit the fully populated service configuration models in the CMDB to achieve strategic Business Service Management.
    • How to create and maintain service configuration models in a dynamic virtualized cloud environment.

Watch Ariel Gordon of Neebula Systems and the former CTO of BMC Software discussing this challenging topic in this recorded webinar

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