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Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey to increase availability of your business services! This short video introduction provides an overview of Neebula ServiceWatch - the only service-centric availability management solution which is 20 times faster and 80% lower cost than traditional solutions – with a 100% success guarantee. Enjoy the video overview and we will be happy to engage with you to accelerate your service availability objectives!

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The Power of ServiceWatch õ 20x Faster õ 80% Lower Cost õ 100% Success Rate

What Users Are Saying

Neebula's addition of business service context to the CMDB, allows IT teams to map complete service models much faster. Obviously, this enhances the visibility into potential issues with infrastructure changes and accelerates the resolution of problems.
fVP Products
Major CMDB vendor
Business services are mapped automatically within hours by Neebula ServiceWatch without any manual configuration, and are integrated into our home-grown dashboard.
fManager, Enterprise Infrastructure
Tools and Automation, Large Financial Organization
The visibility provided by the Neebula ServiceWatch allowed us to drastically improve our time to resolution of critical IT issues.
fMichel Soto, Manager of the Monitoring
and Control Department, EL AL Airlines
We chose Neebula as the only SaaS solution delivering root cause analysis and impact management. We always thought BSM was too complicated to implement, so we were amazed to be up and running within days.
fVP Operations
Insurance company
One prospect's impression of ServiceWatch: "We've got a Civic, we're moving to an Accord, you're showing us a Porsche."
fDirector of Service Management
Financial Services Industry
Neebula helped us take control of our data center changes by graphically depicting the business impact of each of our proposed changes before they were made. This has helped to significantly improve availability of our critical applications.
fManager, Enterprise Services Tools and Automation
Manufacturing Industry
Service-Centric Mapping